AUDIO : Barimah Sidney Chooses His Best Rapper


There are few gurus still in the music scene that we can boast of having the required knowledge and information about the coined genre. The Ashantis say “ananse w) fie a y3n bisa de3 onwinii ntintan”. ( When the spider is home, we need not ask who weaved the web).


So we interviewed one of the spiders in Hiplife in the person of Barimah Sydney to get the correct information on a variety of issues which we will be releasing in the process of time. As part of the interview we asked him who his favourite mainstream rapper is.


With his experience and knowing the effects the weight of his choice will have on Ghanaian music lovers, he didn’t want to make a choice. But with a little bit of push, the controversial Hiplife musician chose M.anifest above the other heavyweights such as Sarkodie, Flowking Stone and EL.


In the same interview Barimah made the revelation that executive producers have much influence on the artiste and tend to determine the kind of songs they should record. He claimed that was the case in his hit song and best selling album in Hiplife’s history “Apuskeleke”. In his own words he said he “didn’t like” that song.


He also chose his favourite underground or up and coming artiste. To our surprise his favourite, and one he believes in is one Amarado from Brong Ahafo who does his music in the studios of King Dee. Meaning before Amarado from Kumasi, real name Kwabena Sarfo Kantanka, there was and is another bearing the same name who is Barimah’s favourite up and coming artiste.


Meanwhile Barimah Sydney is releasing his latest song “Comfortable Lead” in a moment. Watch here for that banger.

Listen to that section of the interview below.