Helena Rhabbles Launched A New Website || @Helena_Rhabbles

Helena Rhabbles the Gospel Bulldozer who years ago took over Africa by a storm with so-so wonders Jesus day do would like to announce the release of her new website www.Helenaglobalministries.com

The official page of www.Helenaglobalministries.com makes it easier to see all of Helena Rhabbles events (upcoming and past), photo gallery, bookings, current projects and the opportunity to donate to her charity (Rest for All).

www.Helenaglobalministries.com is mainly dedicated to providing resources toall supporters of Helena Rhabbles Music. On this website MP3, videos, full length clips, links, lyrics &music products and event ticketswill be available to purchase.

Helena Rhabbles has released a comeback CD titles My Testimony. This Record has Just about every genre within the World music is represented, so no matter what style touches your heart the most, there will be a song that will help lift your spirit to the throne of grace and mercy.

My testimony is a non-stop live concert recorded in Washington DC USA. The production is incredible – first class. Helena Rhabbles weaved in and out her hits, but also strategically performed the gospel tracks in a more contemporary flavor. Most touching were her personal testimonies and physical struggles. Beyond the obvious struggles, her great voice and the music was live. If she come to your country way with a concert I strongly suggest checking them out. Peace.

To support My Testimony and also do what God has called her to do Helena Rhabbles will be embarking on a violence against women tour in Ghana starting Easter 2016. The main objective is to increase the awareness of the public on the African human rights violation issues with Battered woman and children.

Helena believes that gender-based violence, is a complex issue that mostly result in the persistence of power differentials between the sexes. Women in West Africa has a subordinate status to men and it is not right, this coupled with the general acceptance and other ways of resolving domestic conflicts makes life very unfair to these Woman living in West Africa.

Helena Rhabbles is an awesome examples of how God will move through you if you allow him to do so. She has declared she is going to give God praise and continue to sing until you we sense the anointing and healing over Africa, specifically the West Africa.
Make sure you check it out www.helenaglobalministries.com

Source: John DEE