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Black Bull Records released ‘Atorenkyem’ ( #Accrafloods – #AccraFireDisaster 2015 )

image: ADOMAKO

As a matter of fact ”Ghana” can never stop mourning  for the whole year whenever we remembers what happened on the June 3, 2015 said the singer ”ADOMAKO”

On 1 June 2015 the whole Accra was floods resulted from heavy continuous rainfall in Accra.
The floods resulted in heavy traffic on the roads in the city and also a halt in commercial activities as markets were flooded and workers trapped.

On June 3, 2015, whiles the rain continues very harder, another report comes in that the GOIL fuel station near Kwame Nkrumah Interchange was burnt with people and vehicles in the vicinity.

The fire also burnt a Forex Bureau and Pharmacy nearby.

Over 200, people are feared dead and bodies have been moved to the 37 Military Hospital.

Right after that report the whole Ghana turn totally down with tears and sorrow,
This was too hard for the nation to handle.

When ”Black Bull Records” Management team the heard this they call on board some Artists they worked with to get closed to the mic and do their very best to at least share some sympathy with family of the victims.

In a quick interview with DEEghana.com said the management” called on board ”ADOMAKO” ”AMMIRADO” ”SAFRAUDU” ”KOOBRE” and ”FAROUK” the C.E.O of the company to start recording.

But unfortunately for the team the song was recorded on the 3rd June on the same evening as the incident happened but due to some technical problem they could not released the song as that early.

Talking to the lead singer of the Song ”ADOMAKO” formally known as ”Ahyensode3”  Said the song was recorded on the same day but to mix and complete the whole project was problem due to ‘#DUMSOR !!

Therefore the song has to hold from then till they find away yo complete it.

Black Bull Records Apologies for their lovely fans for the hold of the song.
Added to it that whiles we are mourning and crying our light cant also stay on for just a day Oh Gosh what a country we are living in with wicked and selfish leaders ….. HMMMNNNNN

Said never to late and they has to released the song at this time, and yes Ghana will never forget this incident and we will forever remember all that we have lost.

Listen to the song, can also so be download for free Bellow:

Artist:  Black Bull Records   Song Title:  Atorenkyem
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Source: DEEghana.com