Adomaa Is Lazy

The new sensation of soul music Adomaa I personally think is being lazy. 
The fast and rising Hiplife/Highlife/Soul artsist Adomako has talked his mind concerning Adomaa going around singing people’s songs over and over.
In an interview with today, Adomako under the Black Bull records said emphatically that Adomaa is lazy.
I won’t take anything away from her, she is good but real musician is when you sit and write good songs get to the studio and work on it.
What she is doing now is learning people’s songs and singing them, can she therefore call it her own ?
Adomaa you are good but please lets feel your own versions Adomako added.
If this is what she will keep doing then what happens when she sings all music in the world ?
Source: Strike DEE/