Bulldog – Cheaterhouse prove Ghana wrong ? Sarkodie Lost artiste of the year for speaking the truth

                               We suffer from HIV/AIDS
Sarkodie you just lost the artiste of the year award for speaking the truth… Jah bless you still… Cheaterhouse prove Ghana wrong. ‪#‎sikanhyira‬ ‪#‎magicalyear‬

I have heard a lot of people question our stance towards each other in the entertainment industry. We are described as crabs in a bucket and we have the “pull him down” (PHD) attitude.

But I say we have “Hate In our Veins” so we “Hate In Vain” (HIV)

So much hate in the air, that one wonders why? In an industry where there are sectors, I am of the opinion that every sector has an integral role to play in piecing it together. There’s the DJ fraternity, which is intended to cater good music to the discerning and distinguished listener.

There’s the media who are obliged to give an unbiased account of true events to the reading public. Event organizers and promotional outfits required to promote acts and events accordingly. And there are industry pillars that are expected to regulate the whole system e.g. Radio & TV Presenters/Managers/Producers/Distributors/Unions etc.

Unfortunately in Ghana many of us want to be noticed for work we haven’t done. Most dj’s are envious of artistic success. A presenter, has a bone to pick with someone because they created a platform for them, and got no favour back. There’s a resistance between pressmen and celebrities for either names in light. Gatekeepers at each others throat, back biting and wishing each other’s downfall.

As pundits when we mount platforms, instead of critiquing we criticize to be noticed. Radio and TV hosts, most often have derogatory questionnaires for their guests. We all thirst for unnecessary recognition.

I am well aware of the contribution of controversy in entertainment worldwide, but down in Ghana we take it to the extreme. Developing animosity and contempt towards each other, all in the name of competition and lust after fame. Ninety percent of us industry players, are begrudging because we feel someone’s living our dream. Absurdity at it’s zenith.

Many of us haven’t built or contributed anything to this ailing industry, yet we are all over the place. A lot of charlatans in the field. One thing I have learnt and know for a fact is, when you stay in your little corner and do due diligence, you will be noticed. In fact you will be honored and revered amongst the rest, you will be used as a criterion.

I believe in earnest, one earning their stripes and also have high regard for hard work.

Hating In Vain / Ambivalent Ignorant Doctrine Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is what we suffer from.

We are diseased and soon will be deceased, because there’s no cure for HIV/AIDS.

Lets try and play our respective roles tunefully. The result will be a work of outstanding artistry. #sikanhyira #magicalyea