Self acclaimed Ghanaian dancehall king shatta wale on an interview with Sammy flex on plus fm. confesses,Charter House is very very very  respectable company and they are serious in their work ,i  regret insulting charter house ( On Condition ) . In his discussion with Sammy flex he added that he has now see how serious they are in their work and i do respect them for that reason. he also added ,I have now come to understand why Charter House didn’t nominate featuring songs from me,i mean they didn’t nominate a song that i took part in ,Hit songs like MzVee – My Everything ft Shatta Wale ,Sarkodie – M3gye Wo Girl (Feat. Shatta Wale)- and also Pope Skinny – Wa Shatta Me ft Shatta Wale .He continue to indicate that Charter House mustn’t do that ,Even if they are not interested to give me award they should go ahead and nominate such hits songs and award them . I  believe these guys are working hard and they deserve such award,meanwhile Ghana Artist are not paid well to perform a show .MzVee will bear me witness likewise Sarkodie and Pop Skinny ,they are all eye witness of what am saying . The prez. of musiga (Obuor)  was aware of all what was going on and he sat down idle without doing anything about it, all because he is a Hungary person His stomach is pregnant  ,also charter house filled his belly with money and he was enjoying.

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