President John Dramani Mahama- I Promise To Get The Country Out Of This Power Crisis – Read more

President John Dramani Mahama has said  the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) ‘wɔn gbo’ demonstration has encouraged him to work harder to end the power crisis . Addressing the Ghanaian community in Gambia where he is attending the country’s 50th Independence anniversary celebration, President Mahama said his government is doing all it can to resolve the crisis.“Yesterday there was a demonstration about the power crisis in Ghana. I feel very encouraged to do everything possible to end this problem.” He attributed the inconsistent power supply in the country to a high demand for electricity in Ghana. “Every young man or woman has a mobile phone and other electrical gadgets. All these run on electricity. That is why government is working to improve the generation capacity.” President Mahama also took responsibility for the power crisis, saying : “every government has a responsibility to add additional megawatts of power to what is already there just to meet the demand. As President, I take full responsibility for the power crisis and promise to get the country out of it.” Meanwhile the NPP has threatened to organise more demonstrations until government devises measures to address the worsening energy crisis. “We have served notice that we will continue to demonstrate until government addresses this issue completely,” the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Anthony Karbo told Citi News. The NPP’s demonstration was to draw government’s attention to the crippling power challenges which they believe is adversely affecting businesses in Ghana. The demonstration was highly patronized by both party and non party members. –
By: Marian Efe