Nicki Minaj’s Break Up With Boyfriend Involved Cops And Baseball Bat

Last month we learned that Nicki Minaj was no longer dating Safaree Samuels (aka Who?)
Now we get the details of their breakup, which are explosive and fun.
According to TMZ, Minaj and Samuels got into a big argument over the summer. Nicki was so mad at her boo that she chased him out of the house with a baseball bat. Then she used the sporting equipment to smash up a 2012 Mercedes that was parked out front.
That was enough to get the authorities involved, and by the time the cops arrived Minaj had also thrown all of Samuels’ clothes in the garbage.
Since it was Minaj’s Mercedes — which she lets Samuels use — she wasn’t arrested because it is well with in your rights to smash up your own German sedan. (Good to know, right?)
No word on what Samuels did to set Nicki off, but one always suspects there was another woman involved.
Maybe Minaj’s destructive temper will cause Drake to reconsider being “first in line” for her sexual services now that she is single.
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