must i cause commotion before Ghana music industry regognize me? STONEBWOY BURNITON

A fan of StoneBwoy Burniton has express his views with Anger,read the statement  by John Claude Tamakloe ON FACEBOOK.
Before I commence I want to make something clear, nobody paid me to carry on this task, but I adim it as a concious alerted fan, music lover and concerned citizen to speak my heart out when things are not rightly done.The music industry is a highly competitive market, and artists are found every single day and others are lost in the forever changing, unpredictable ocean in the music scene. So if an artist is working very very hard to set a target and a legacy like BOB MARLEY, CULTURE , LUCKY DUBE, just to mention a few, he must be hailed and appreciated for his efforts. I think as part of my duty, it is very necessary to stand out and speak the fact. I think stonebwoy is too talented not to be noticed.How would you feel when you think you are doing your very best but nobody or the industry men claim not to recognize your efforts.
 This fan of stonebwoy was really Angry when bigupsg authorities consulted him to know why he has posted this petition on facebook for stonebwoy..he contunue with compelling statement that There is a new term called ‘Shatta Wale-ing’. I’m sure we all know what Shatta Wale did to get to the limelight, sad to say but I want to cast your mind back to way back, he’s not the only one who has done that in the past, we have artists like Kwaw Kese, Rex Omar, R2Bees and more who ‘Shatta Wale-ed’ to get awards and fame. Stonebwoy was being cheated on during the just ended VGMAs with the category ( MOST POPULAR SONG OF THE YEAR ) and same bais, unaccepted character has been shifted to this year, upon his Hardwork and restless efforts, the nomination for the 6th annual 4syte MVAs wasn’t right. I personally think, the criteria for the nominations should be made knoWn to the general public. Does that mean that one has to put it in the face of Ghanaians ( industry men ) in order to make it?
I just don’t understand why these industry people underrated artists who we feel deserve more attention than they are getting. I hope that people will hold them in high esteem and their talents will be exploited by Ghanaians and internationally.Stonebwoy to me is the best reggae dancehall artist in Ghana whether we like it or YES but yet he’s being underated and I think it’s unjust, What more could be the reason why Stonebwoy is not getting the love that he deserves in the music industry? He has so many songs to his credit like Pull Up, Ghetto Love, Climax and many more …….
What else does Stonebwoy have to do before getting to the top?
Should one always cause commotion before he can get the attention deserved, if that’s the only medium,then the music industry will be a battle field. Stonebwoy is very cultured enough not to cause any of these commotions! Then again it’s not every artist who is violent. Stonebwoy, his team and entire fans are working very hard to structure and positive legacy yet, there are people trying to bring him down and paint him black, is this right. I stand to be corrected if anyone has problem with my petition .Stay Tune ..