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Music Politician ? Bulldog, manager of Shatta Wale Calls For Calm

 Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog, manager of Shatta Wale has called for a truce between any warring parties in Ghana’s entertainment, arts and media industry.
Bulldog, who posted a message on his Facebook wall advocated for a way learn to accommodate, tolerate and encourage freedom of expression without fear of being blacklisted and expunged.
He alluded that, because of the back and forth batter happening between various musicians and media houses, Ghanaians seem to have forgotten about politics or politicians. We are yet to confirm if this utterance is in anyway related to the ongoing suit between his artiste and Charterhouse.  With this kind of talk, we wonder if Nana has any political ambitions in Ghana. Below is a full copy of his post.

i want to take this opportunity to doff of my hat to all industry colleagues, from artistes (musicians, comedians, actors & actresses), managers, bloggers, A&R people, PRs, publicists, publishers, editors, presenters, event organizers and everyone that plays a part in this industry.
I think we need to pat ourselves on the back… We have managed to ease national tension on the politician and engaged the populace in entertainment matters.
All of a sudden politics don’t matter to the Ghanaian.
Enemies or Variants?
I prefer the latter… we operate in a fast growing industry space, so small, and sometimes I wonder why we play the antagonist role. Plotting and stabbing ourselves in the back to flatter our vanities.
Until recently i have realized we have taken this to the extreme, even if delicate matters arise, we tend to forget we are one people pushing for one goal, from different sides. Clouded by our misjudgments, we turn a blind eye, deaf ear and develop cold hearts to the detriment of each other’s decency and sensitivity.
There are few issues i can refer to as case studies, but i rather continue with my submission to avoid unnecessary debates underneath this post.
I earnestly believe we are fighting for a common goal but our approach or stance may vary, that should not make us adversaries. We could be of variants which hypothetically should be the case, lets disagree to agree, and refrain from the hate and harsh attitude towards each other.

Please don’t take out your displeasures with me on my artists and vice versa. Let’s learn to accommodate, tolerate and encourage freedom of expression without fear of blacklist and expungement.
There’s a lot of drama and absurdity when it comes to entertainment, and i should be castrated if
by this piece, i am asking us to drop that bit. Hell No!!! Let’s have the drama without the emotions, because if we loose the drama, it becomes boring and no more fun.
Lets dramatize all we can, but let’s be mindful and circumspect with sensitive issues. Keep the wild headlines coming but please there has to be a line we can’t cross. Let’s keep the rivalry healthy.
it has to be all for SHOW… Emotions should be kept out. Wrong emotions breeds enmity.
Vitally important, i beg we should use our God given platforms to reform the pathetic system and situation we’ve inherited from past participants. Rather than using it against ourselves, else very soon we will be no different from the thieving politician who eats with both hands.
To our fans, radio callers, tv callers and social media commentators we love your participation. Keep your comments coming… We learn a lot from you. Don’t think because we are in high places in society we know it all… We keep learning till casket close.
Don’t think by this piece we won’t make mistakes again… We are all fallible.
Our imperfections makes us perfect.
Posterity will judge us by our legacy.
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