Ghana’s presidential and parliamentary candidates special voting exercise in the 2016 elections


The Electoral Commission (EC) this morning opened polling stations to special voters across the country to cast their votes for their presidential and parliamentary candidates in the 2016 elections. The exercise has so far been peaceful except some few hiccups where persons expected to exercise their franchise could not find their names on the list.

Thousands of Ghanaian voters have started queuing at designated polling centres across the country to cast their vote in a special voting exercise ahead of next week’s general elections on December 7. Taking part in the exercise are personnel from the various security services who will be deployed on election day to provide security at all the polling stations, media personnel and election officials of the Electoral Commission who will be on duty on election day. Counting and results from the special voting exercise will be put on hold until close of polls on December 7 in line with the C.I. 94 which governs the elections.Per the C.I 94 cast ballots of special voting are to be sealed by the EC and the parties, kept in safe custody at the close of poll, and only opened and counted at the close of poll on election day on December 7.
By 5:00am Thursday, some of the special voters had started queuing at their various centres where they are suppose to cast their ballot in an exercise that is said to be peaceful.